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Why to invest

After being characterized for decades by one of the lowest investment rates in the country (20% of GDP against 22% nationally), the Oriental region, after the launch of major structuring projects under the Royal Development Initiative, has experienced a high rate of investment with 32%. This effort of public investment generates public-private partnerships and is a lever to attract SMEs to invest in tourism, services, offshoring, local products, training and new technologies ... New businesses emerge or improve, as building materials, agro-industry, livestock products, handicrafts, transport and logistics, energy and mining, fisheries and aquaculture, etc..

In addition, the Region proposes structures for investment facilitation through the Regional Investment Center of Oujda (CRI-Oujda) which disposes, particularly, of a branch in Nador, and the Regional Investment Fund of the Oriental region. The latter, created under the royal initiative, aims to support the holders of innovative investment projects in all sectors except real estate and trade. The Agency of the Oriental region has further ongoing projects that will strengthen the institutional capacity of the region in supporting investors (on-line information system, territorial marketing documents, etc.). These projects will be online once finalized.

The royal initiative offers new infrastructure to the oriental region

The Royal Initiative for the Development of the Oriental region, declared in the Royal Speech of March 18, 2003 in Oujda, carries a new thought of territorial development and marks the beginning of a tremendous effort to invest in regional infrastructure. An ambitious program was initiated and a philosophy of action is sought to guide the application over the long term.

This visionary speech is already reflected in the opening of numerous projects. The advanced achievements are now recognized by all. These major programs are a source of attractiveness for the region; they significantly improve the citizens lives and accelerate the flow of goods as required by modernity. The Royal Initiative is a founding speech that paved the way for regional development.

  • Fez-Oujda Highway
  • Mediterranean Bypass
  • Doubling of the road-Oujda Nador
  • Mediterrania-Saidia Resort
  • Railway Taourirt-Nador
  • The New airport Oujda-Angad
  • Urban regeneration of the cities of Nador and Oujda
  • Upgrading of hospital facilities
  • Donation of scooters
From the beginning, the economic development of the Kingdom was carried out with the utmost priority by His Majesty Mohamed VI. Under the deployment of this national strategy, a process of regionalization has been launched as an engine of economic and social development for the country.

Renewable energies:

Morocco is working to highlight the tremendous potential of solar, wind and biomass energy it enjoys. Demographic and economic development needs that all means of energy production be implemented in response to a steady increase in energy demand.

The credo: better territorial accessibility to energy, a generalization of supply and relative autonomy of energy production.
A multitude of structure projects shapes and energizes the Oriental region. The priority sectors are agro-industry, offshoring and logistics. In doing so, the program involves the development of export free zones in accordance with international standards and oriented industrial subcontracting destined to European markets.

Berkane will host the agri-food, and Oujda the tertiary. The Intra-logistics free zone of Selouane will be assigned to the Port and Logistics sector, and the two industrial parks (Madagh and Selouane) to the industrial and agri-food sectors. As for tourism services and activities, they will be settled in the technology park of Oujda. The priority sites emerge in the junction between the different strategic sectors and potential supply.

The Industrial Development Center in the Oriental Region, MED EST, should ultimately lead to the marketing of a range of land and real estate with the highest quality standards to provide terminal facilities competitive with industrial activities and services.

Why Invest?
Why Invest?

After being characterized for decades by one of the lowest investment ......

How to invest?
How to invest?

More than 70 billion DH, is the amount of investment mobilized by the ......

The main sectors and areas of development
The main sectors and areas of development

More than 70 billion DH is the amount of investment mobilized by the ......