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Rural tourism

To maximize the tourism development strategy at the regional level, it was proved necessary to develop the geographic, climatic and cultural diversity. For this, tourism called "niche" is a good way for people to take advantage of the economic benefits it provides. It touches different forms of tourism and is necessarily reduced in number to protect the environment and not disrupt socio-cultural structures. 32 tourist sites have been identified. Thus the discovery of the closest desert to Europe could be done through a train journey involving adventure, quality and comfort, between Oujda and Figuig.

Conceived with a view of sustainable economic and human development, these forms of tourism meet niches for which global demand is growing. The development of rural cottages offer, and the home staying, respects and values ​​human and cultural environments and local economic balances. They accompany the enthusiasm for homegrown products and attraction to authentic cultures. The residents of the Region have identified these expectations and want to respond to them, with institutional support. Thus, nearly half the recent applications of micro-credits concern tourism, crafts, and related activities services.

The region boasts magnificent sites. Including the mouth of the Moulouya River classified as a site of biological and ecological interest. When it comes to Beaches, the perimeter of the site begins a few kilometers after the latest tourism developments of Saidia, near the mouth of the Moulouya River. The protected area is expanded to the river on its right bank to Ain Zerga. For fans and connoisseurs of flora and fauna and those concerned with ecosystems.

Indeed, the ecological functions of the mouth of the Moulouya River are numerous: absorption of flooding of the river, site of migration of many fish species that have become rare or threatened in Morocco. It is a refuge, a nesting and wintering shelter for many species of birds. Early birds will have the privilege of watching them, provided being very discreet.

The vegetation, with very diverse soils (dunes, river banks and swamps, salted plain), and some rare species: tamarisk, Pistachio mastic, especially the Juniperaie of Saidia, unique in Morocco, which protects from the desertification and the flooding of homes by the sea.

The massif of Beni Snassen: generous nature.

A small Mediterranean mountain rising to 1535m, concealing treasures of landscape and culture. Zegzel canyons are one of the most beautiful sites in the region. The road winds along the canyon and invites to contemplation, from one bank to another. We can see terraced orchards planted with fig, pomegranate, orange and loquat trees, but also wild roses and oleanders along the river.

Tafoughalt, 44 km from Saidia, is a small hill station (850 m above sea level) gently cooled by sea breezes. Nice base for trips into the mountains and forests, the area offers rare species: eucaplyptus, oak, pine, cedar, dum ...
Camel Cave, 10 km from Tafoughalt, is full of stalactites and stalagmites. A prehistoric site, particularly rich, the Cave of Pigeons was successively occupied by at least four prehistoric cultures, between 21 000 and 10 800 BC

The Three Forks Cape and the large lakes:

The Dams of Machra Hammadi and Muhammad V on the River Moulouya have created large reservoirs that allow water to irrigate an arid region. These artificial lakes are also beautiful lakes for fishing and water sports. For fans of the Sea, Three Forks Cape north of Nador is unambiguously one of the most beautiful sites of Morocco. A paradise for sea birds, this mountain Cape plunges into turquoise waters. From the cliffs you can enjoy breathtaking views. At the foot of the lighthouse, you stop on exquisite beaches, with sublime seabed for diving fans.