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The Mediterranean challenge

Taking advantage of an opening on 200 km of the Mediterranean Sea, the Oriental region is a regional crossroads between Europe and the Maghreb. Moreover, many of Moroccans living abroad are from the Oriental region, particularly the provinces of Nador and Berkane. 70% of Moroccans in Germany, 60% of those in the Netherlands, 60% in Belgium, 50% in Spain, northern France ... are from the Region. In this context, and thanks to its geo-strategic position, the Oriental region is a natural area of interchange.

Due to the ambitious will to create a spatially balanced development, strategic and quality infrastructures are established in the region. Port infrastructure (the Strait of Gibraltar houses 30% of world seaborne trade), major airports (two international airports: "Oujda-Angad" and "Nador Al Aroui") and rail network. The port of Nador is Morocco's second Mediterranean gateway, complementarily with Tangier. The region tends to be at the heart of the economic triangle of Casablanca - Algiers Spain, taking advantage from the royal will to make the region an economic showcase for Morocco.

The Maghreb, the Middle East & Europe:

A national strategic choice, the opening policy of the Kingdom is reflected in the Oriental region through the mobilization on the spot, with both national and international partnerships to weave all the links of support for human and economic development. International cooperation involved in this process of openness, trade and complementarity, can expand the programs, actions and projects.

In this region with high emigration rate, the specific role of the Diaspora is essential. The Agency of the Oriental region has implemented specific programs to mobilize the Moroccans living abroad to build a bridge between the host country and their origin region.

Its proximity to Barcelona and Valencia, and to a lesser extent, Marseille and Genoa, requires the strengthening of its geographical position. The Oriental region is indeed the closest Moroccan space to the major growth poles of the western Mediterranean basin, which will be part of a single economic entity in 2011, after the full implementation of association agreements with the European Union.

The various agreements signed by Morocco with Europe, the United States or the Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia) are opportunities that the region can seize, for the development processes are heavily dependent on the fluidity movement of goods, capital and human resources.

The Oriental region has for a long time relied on partnership as an agent for human rapprochement, through exchange of know-how and experience, but also through material and financial support for many projects, especially those related to improving living conditions and living environment of disadvantaged people. The Diaspora of the Oriental region is also involved in establishing links between organizations, institutions and NGO's with their counterparts of the region.

Agreements have been signed with international organizations such as UNDP, UNCTAD, UNICEF and UNIDO. The Association Agreement and the advanced status with the European Union offer opportunities for cooperation at the regional level. A twinning agreement under the Program of Support to the Association Agreement (P3A) has been signed, making the Agency of the Oriental region a "focal point" for the region in terms of European expertise and partnership. Bilateral cooperation like with Germany (GTZ) and other partners of the kingdom is supporting the regional dynamics by integrating into development strategies.

Furthermore, twinning agreements helped to make many actions between the towns of Oujda and Lille (France), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Oujda and the region of Champagne-Ardenne (France), the Wilaya and the region of Galicia (institutional twinning-EU), the Agency for the Oriental Region and the Junta de Andalucia (Spain), ...