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What objectives

The implementation of the new territorial development strategy in the Oriental Region aims at creating a new regional development context, to break with the past policies. It is an innovative concept and a dynamic vision for an integrated and sustainable development strategy. Sustainable tourism, new technologies, agro-industry, education and professional training, environmental concerns ... All the ongoing development programs participate in achieving these objectives, the major challenges of which are as follows:

  • Rebalancing the Kingdom's economic development in the eastern side with the new pole MED EST;
  • Seeking endogenous and exogenous investments;
  • Revealing the human potential and existing know-how;
  • Promoting job creation and settling of the population especially in rural areas; 
- Making the port of Nador Moroccos second Mediterranean gateway, complementarily with Tangier, and putting the Oriental Region in the heart of the economic triangle: Casablanca - Algiers - Spain.


Three main axes chart the roadmap for the Oriental region development:

1 - Improving regional competitiveness

As a priority, a mobilization of financial resources has been launched for investors and capitals owners. Similarly, for a spatially balanced development of the region, strategic and quality infrastructures are being laid down, such as Fez-Oujda highway and Taourirt-Nador railway. Also, significant efforts have been undertaken concerning the production and the dissemination of knowledge, with the creation of recognized training structures. The goal is to make the region a pond of skills and human qualities, vital to the attractiveness and dynamism of every region.

Finally, as part of the strategies adapted to the land specificities, "hard cores" carrying potentials and dynamism, were identified and transformed into centers of skills and competitiveness: Oujda, Euro-Mediterranean technopole. Nador, maritime-industrial center.  Berkane, agro-industrial center. Saidia, tourist attraction center. Berkan, logistics and agro-pastoral center. Bouarfa and Figuig have all the assets to become an eco-tourism and participative development center. Jerada is a favorable place to develop alternative energy sources.

2 - Enhancing the attractiveness of the Region

To meet the demands of investors, the region has developed an industrial development program involving more than 500 hectares and representing the creation of over 70,000 jobs. Offers are multiple: logistics, industrial areas, and tertiary spaces. Future implementations are conceived in a Euro-Mediterranean frame. Considered as one of the main levers of growth and resources development, special attention has been drawn to tourism. The authorities have made substantial efforts to the implementation of an ambitious regional development program of tourism. The region now houses one of the largest resorts in the country, "Mediterranea Saidia (construction started in 2004). And a major project "Mar Chica" around the lagoon of Nador.

3 - Human development

Fighting against poverty, exclusion and illiteracy, encouraging and supporting individual initiative in using microcredit ... These objectives are among the projects of the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD), which affects various municipalities of the Oriental region, in order to stimulate growth and decrease the informal sector in the regional economy. In addition, in order to restore a favorable environment in terms of tourism and cultural entertainment, and quality of life for citizens, a program of urban renewal concerning major cities will be developed. The Royal Initiative expresses the will to make the region a growth pole of the first order, and an attractive environment for investment and job creation. The promotion of this pole to the eastern Mediterranean coast of Morocco is seen as the sine qua non condition of balanced development of the whole country. The goal is to elevate the region to the rank of major crossroads of the Euro-Mediterranean edifice.