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Which strategy for the region?

A vast county stretching to the east of Morocco, the Oriental region deploys a dazzling mosaic of pure landscapes, from the Saharan oasis of Figuig to the Mediterranean shores, and from the central Rif to the Algerian border. 11.6% of national territory (82,820 km), for almost 2 million inhabitants: the scenery is complete. The Oriental region reveals a unique heritage and a very promising potential that have been neglected for a long time.

Taking advantage of the strong political will to infuse new economic dynamics, the region is discovering its entrepreneurial talents. The Oriental region counts no less than 11% of the national volume of bank deposits, 25% of the financial transfer flows from Moroccans living abroad towards their country, 44% of its economy comes from the informal sector, many factors demonstrate its aptitudes to generate a better vitality.

The new development strategy of the Oriental region, stated by His Majesty King Mohamed VI, at the founding speech of Oujda on March 18, 2003, charts a roadmap for the regions takeoff. The discourse shows the kings perception of the oriental regions development through a comprehensive action including a strategic approach, a concretization of actions and different levels of intervention. A clearly expressed will to make the region a growth pole of the first order.

A source of migrant labor for a long time, the Royal Initiative aims at achieving a peaceful and favorable transition in the Oriental region, so that its inhabitants can fully evolve. Of historical significance, it represents a strong signal, reflecting the national interest in the region and its socio-economic advancement: a dynamic vision for an integrated and sustainable development strategy.

The Agency for the Development of the Oriental region was created in the wake of the Royal Initiative to provide the region with a specific development tool, reinforce its institutional capacities and offer support and assistance to national and local actors to implement development programs. In addition, the Development Fund of the Oriental region, with an initial capital of 300 million DH, aims to boost the private sector and promote new socio-economic fields.

The Royal Initiative has established a new vision of regional development which is reflected in particular in a new center of industrial development to the east of the country, the "Eastern Mediterranean Pole", or "MED EST". Based on structural development programs and the mobilization of the regions forces, the pole is complementary to "Tanger Med and its promotion in the eastern Mediterranean coast of Morocco, is seen as the sine qua non condition of the whole countrys balanced development: a bet for balance between economy and human development, tourism and environment, present and future.

Real tourist attractions
Real tourist attractions

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Which strategy for the region?
Which strategy for the region?

Vast country that stretches to the east of Morocco, the Oriental...